Thursday, March 12, 2009

Here She Goes Again

I feel badly about my consipicous lack of Thoroughbred blogging lately. However, all the news has been about Standardbred I Am Woman. She does have some things in her favor, not the least of which is she has the ability to race every week or so. Pacing is a much gentler gait to a horse than galloping is and is much less stressful on joints, so your Standardbred can pile up three or four starts to every one for your Thoroughbred. Racing at Balmoral, she is racing for considerably less purse money than her Thoroughbred cousins and even her own kind racing back East at Meadowlands and Yokers, so she has to win more in order to make herself profitable.

That leads me to the other thing she has in her favor: she wins.

If you've been following here, she's been winning like a maniac. Three for three in parimutuel starts in 2009 so far. Three winner's circle photos in a row. Money earned aside, she has completely squewed the statistics on the website for GRS connected horses. It's been crazy, but certainly a fun crazy. This Sunday we'll be at it again.

I Am Woman will leave from the four hole this week, just inside rival Fox Valley Hooray who has completed the exacta in the last two of Woman's wins being outfinished in both. There are a few nwecomers, but for the most part the field consists of fillies and mares that she has beaten one or more times already this year. The morning line odds are not out yet, but I have to think that at post time, our little lady will be under even money.

While she won't have the odds to play as a win bet this Sunday, I'll be rooting her on to make it four for four - even if she only pays $2.10!


Keith - Triple Dead Heat said...

That's a great start to 2009...I'll look forward to your race recap, perhaps with behind the scenes video?



Wind Gatherer said...

Hey, in this economy, a 5% return is nothing to lift your nose at.