Friday, March 27, 2009

CERF Ebay Fundraising Effort

I received the following in my in-box today from Sharla Sanders a board member for the California Equine Retirement Foundation. If you've never seen these prints, they are unique, eye-catching and all proceeds go to a good cause. Each painting is produced, with Sharla's assistance, by a well known Thoroughbred racehorse. In the past some have been done by active racehorses and other by retired gems such as Lava Man. Click on the links and take a look. All the proceeds go to help off the track Thoroughbreds!


CERF is offering a few of our Equine Expressions on Ebay. Now is a unique opportunity to own a painting done by a renown thoroughbred to help the retired thoroughbreds at CERF. Please bid, or share with your friends. Your support is much appreciated. I personally assisted with each painting, so if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Included with each painting, are photos from the session of the horse, a clipping of the horses tail tied in a ribbon to match the matting, a certificate of authenticity and the horses' race record. All funds raised go 100% to the care of the horses.

Indian Country

Mr Broad Blade

Runaway Dancer

Church Service

Indian Sun

Mambo Train

Cat Dreams

Happy Bidding!!!

-- Have an Unbridled Day!


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Sharla Sanders said...

Thank you so much Ted for your support of CERF. Your friends in So Cal thank you!!!