Monday, January 12, 2009

Sometimes There is Good News

Not all the news yesterday was 'guarded'. Fizzy Pop (Slew Gin Fizz - Pop Pop BB Gun - Red Ryder) is training up a storm. His ankle appears to be well healed and the time away certainly did wonders for his attitude. Word around the barn is that he's acting like a two-year old again and goes to the track with gusto every day. This weekend he gets all four shoes on in anticipation of his speed works.

Early on we expected to run him back in a $16,000 claiming race over the turf come late January/early February. However, with the way he's looking and carrying himself, it appears we may be pointing to a Starter Allowance instead. The thought here is that if improves as much as he is indicating, we may have more gelding than we had originally thought heading into his 5-year old campaign. The are many possibilities for an older grass horse in Florida and up here and we'd like to be poised to take advantage not surrender that opportunity to someone else.

After his first race back, Fizzy will let us know where he belongs. Right now it appears that he's about a $25,000 level horse and we'll take it. Not bad for a $10,000 purchase. Now if they ALL could be like that...

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