Friday, January 9, 2009

And So I Stare

Here I sit and wait for the phone to ring.

I called our trainer, Bernell Rhone, this morning for an update. I try to call around 11 AM his local time. I figure at that time the sets are done for the day, most of the morning routine is done but it's too early for post time. I know I'm not his only owner and I only control two of his many horses - he has many more owners than I - and certainly several with considerably more stock than I have with him. That being said, you'd never know it by the way he treats me when we speak. Bernell has a way about him that makes him easy to talk to and when he tells you about your horses, you know it's not crap. If there is an issue, he'll tell you. He'll keep you informed and he has never once rushed me off the phone.

In any event, Bernell didn't answer so I left him a message. In a nutshell, Miss Belle Express's test results were due back either yesterday or today and I'm on pins and needles waiting. I know that he's either A - busy or B - hasn't heard from the vet yet: both legit in my opinion and I completely understand. Yet I worry...

If Missy was 100% mine I wouldn't be so concerned. Hey, it's just my deal so I'd worry, but not that much. However it's more than me - it's a good group of folks that, while they don't expect to have picked up the next Zenyatta, do expect to make it to the racetrack, have some fun and generate some buzz. I worry for them first.

Secondarily, I have concern for the future of GRS. I mean, getting real, I don't think one horse can break a business - though a mightily successful one can certainly make one, but success breeds success. Every time that Fizzy Pop ran a good race, traffic and inquiries would spike up - especially after a win. Many of those folks are now involved in Missy and if they have a bad experience, that could translate into them looking elsewhere or, even worse, abandoning the sport altogether. Sure, everyone knows the risks, but when those risks end up happening to you, it leaves a sour taste - no matter how much you can rationalize it.

So I sit here and glance over at the phone, thinking that I can will it to ring. It will ring, be it today or tomorrow or even Sunday, but it will ring when there is news to be delivered and I will pass it along with alacrity whatever it may be.

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