Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's Hard to Be Prolific When...

- Layoffs were looming;

- The Global Gaming Expo was happening (oh, my feet...);

- Fizzy Pop is turned out for a rest;

- I Am Woman is turned out for some more growth;

- Racing in Minnesota is quiet for the winter (-15 degrees here we come!);

- The economy keeps the money away;

For these reasons and I'm sure many more, blogging has taken a backseat. But now:

- Layoffs are over (let's hope for good);

- Global Gaming is over;

- Well...Fizzy is still out for another 4 - 6 weeks;

- I Am Woman is back in training;

- Well...still cold in Minnesota (and still no racing)!!

- The economy STILL is keeping the dough away;

- We have 10% of Valid Port!

- Tampa Bay Downs is back in 3 weeks!

I am hopeful that after an R&R weekend with the kids, I will get back at the keyboard every few days or so bringing you the highlights and low lights of trying to build a racing stable in some of the toughest times I've known - both in this economy and in racing.

Thanks for hanging in there, reading and coming back.

1 comment:

Steve Zorn said...

Nice to see you back, Ted. I have two entered at Finger Lakes tomorrow, but that season's coming to an end too. What the kindergarten teacher used to call "quiet time."