Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Promise

It was a gorgeous morning here in Minnesota and I started it my favorite way of starting every morning: with a cup of coffee in a horse barn.

I was watching the filly above exercise this morning and, as you can tell, there was not a cloud in the sky. Sadly there were not many leaves on the trees either and the temperature topped out at a chilly 38 degrees. That aside, it was a wonderful way to start a day. We may or may not buy this filly, but watching the clockwork precision at Russ Rhone's training center in Chaska was impressive. Each boarder went out, exercised, returned to the barn, was cooled off and set up on the walker. While one was working the next charge was getting tacked up and ready to go so the exercise rider could come off one horse and hop aboard the next. The name of every horse along with their individualized feed mix was marked at each stall. No two horses worked the same and Russ managed it all - as well as a nosy visitor - with aplomb.

I watched the operation tick and was impressed not only by the organization of it all, but by the way each member of the team handled their jobs. Horses tacked, galloped, un-tacked, walked, washed, fed and stalled - all the while there was a smile and bit of conversation for me from each while each task was accomplished and the next begun.

Along with the beauty of the day itself, there were little spots of unique beauty: the steam rising from the back of a gelding recently back from the track untacking in the barn; the warm muzzle of a filly snuggling up in the crook of my arm waiting for her turn to run; hot coffee warming cold hands while we watched the youngsters go through their paces.

Maybe there is a Northern Lights winner in the barn, or the Princess Elaine, or maybe the Lady Canterbury or perhaps even...well, that perhaps shouldn't be spoken, only dreamt. However they turn out in the end, there is joy in each morning and when you're there you are not only watching young horses learning their trade - you're also watching the promise.


Edoardo Pascucci said...

What you has written here meets exactely my everyday feelings. There's nothing better than smelling harness and stable and coffee scent, while you're attending to your chores with that profound sense that "maybe...".
So, I came from Italy and 4 years ago I started my horse business in California. You can see me at Edoardo

Teresa said...

Sounds like a lovely, lovely, lovely morning...