Wednesday, October 1, 2008

:47.63 but...

Fizzy Pop worked four furlongs yesterday in a very nice :47.63. The work was second of fourteen on the day and on the surface all appears great. Except the ankle came back a bit sore. This was discouraging news. He popped a solid work - and did it well within himself - but the fact that he's a bit sore is worrisome. Pictures showed no fractures or bone chips, which is excellent news.

So what's next?

We wait. Bernell and I will touch base again in a couple of days and we'll see how the big boy is feeling. If he's fully recovered it may just be that we'll have to take some special care of him and make sure that he is a bit more rested between starts. With no break or chips, there is no surgery that we can have performed on him, so it may just be a rest issue. We'll know more on Friday. It could be that the big fella needs some time at the farm and if that's the case, that's what he'll get. We'll go ahead and lay him off for a few months and have him freshened and ready to go at Tampa Bay in December.

In the event that Fizzy has to rest up a bit it may be a blessing in disguise: It will allow me to focus on recruitment for the new groups and get lined up in Illinois for our run at Hawthorne over the winter as well as some work on a side racing project that needs to requisition some of my time. Every cloud has a silver lining and as long as we try to do right by the big boy, we should be OK.


heidi walton said...

Hi Ted,

I am excited that Fizzy will soon be returning to Tampa. I will be there for every race if posible. I still follow every move of Fizzy's!

Ted G said...

Hi Heidi! Thanks for following him. As you know from experience, he has an effect on people! Yeah, if we determine it's time for some R&R he won't start again until the grass at Tampa. Let me know ahead of time if you're going to be on the backside and I'll let Bernell know who you are and that you'll be comeing by if you want to swing by and see him.