Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Starter Allowance for Lloyd!

In a last post commentary, my friend Lloyd declared his vote for the Starter Allowance. So that's the way we went!

OK, there was a little more to it than that. I spoke with Bernell this morning and the $35,000 claiming race only had 4 entries. We had a legitimate fear that the $25,000 race next week would simply not go. That would put Fizzy on the other side of 50 days without a race while he's throwing bullet works in the interim. He's fit and we need to race him. We'll be entering the Starter Allowance tomorrow afternoon for Sunday afternoon. Sunday's forecast for Oklahoma City calls for rain - and plenty of it. By that time the remnants of Hurricane Ike will have made their way to Remington. This means that the race, most likely, will come off the turf and on to a wet main track.

This begs the question: is Fizzy Pop a mudder? The answer is a decided 'maybe'. He has two wins over a wet track, but he also has a beaten 34 lengths fourth and a seventh in four starts. It appears that we're going to win the damn thing or finish up the track! There is a plus for the rain coming as well, but I'll get into that after the entries are drawn. I know that there are folks all over Oklahoma City reading this blog to see how they avoid running against the Fiz and I'm not giving away any more secrets! (I know you all can't see, but my tongue is lodged deeply into my cheek!)

So we'll go a mile over a presumably wet track for a purse of $19,000 in the 7th at Remington on Sunday. Finally - we're racing again!


Anonymous said...

Sweet! I know Ted was counting the 35K from Fizzy getting claimed already, but deep down I think he's gotten quite attached to him. Any horse that can win via DQ has karma on his side, and should be kept. :-)

I'm really excited now. I've grown fond of Fizzy myself after watching him run (though only on TVG) this summer at Canterbury, and now I will really root for him since I "called" this race.

Who's riding Fizz BTW?

Anonymous said...

BTW Fizzy's granddaddy is Relaunch, who if I remember correctly had a love for muddy tracks. Hopefully he passed that on to his grandson.

Frank said...

Good luck, Ted - go Fizzy!

Ted G said...

Thanks, Frank!

I hope you're right, Lloyd. The entry went through today, though now it's the 5th, so I definitely won't be able to watch it live!

Dean Butler is back on the Fiz, so we are very happy about that!