Sunday, August 3, 2008


Who says stories don't have happy endings? Our friend, Tickets and Tomatoes, was adopted last week! He has a new name, a new owner and a new career waiting for him.

Laurie, from Illinois, flew out to California to meet TickTom and for TickTom to meet her. I would describe the meeting, but Laurie does it much better herself:

"It's easy to fall in love with any horse but it wasn't a done deal in my mind until we checked each other out. He stuck his face in mine, checked me out and then did the lip thing (you know...the one where they turn their back lip inside out and show all their teeth). He then proceeded to do a bunch of silly young horse stuff and then ate a bunch of carrots. The farm manager put him on the hot walker so I could see him move. It was clear he wanted to hang out with us instead.

"He them put him in a round pen and we all got on boxes or whatever to watch him. As soon as we had our places he put on a grand performance...clearly showing off. After he was done trotting, cantering, galloping, bucking and kicking out and stopped and walked over to our viewing area to get his well-deserved treat.

"He's a beautiful athlete...he's very kind...likes people...has a great personality and likes to have fun. I can't believe he's mine! After some training I am looking forward to enjoying many years back in the saddle."

After years of companionship with an equine friend named Barnesy, Laurie was unsure about falling for another horse again. As you can see, both Tom Cat and Laurie have become fast friends. We are hoping for many years of love and friendship for Laurie and Tom Cat.

If you have the opportunity, please visit and if you can, help them continue their good work in uniting retired equine athletes with new owners and the retirement that they deserve.

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Sarah said...

This is one of Tomcat's co-owners (Laurie's daughter-in-law), and I just want to say he is doing splendidly! He has put on weight and is developing muscles. He is an absolute doll who just loves to please. The trainer adores him and agrees with our (biased, but thankfully correct) opinion that he is a very intelligent horse.

He has been learning the basics of English riding, and I will be showing him in dressage soon. He loves to be challenged, and he gets bored doing the same things over and over. He is always looking forward to the next thing.

He has filled my life-long dream of having a horse of my own to love. I rode Barnsey once before he passed away, but he was never "mine". Tomcat belongs to all three of us, and he knows it. He comes right up to us at the fence, and he begs for peppermints. I have suffered from depression off since childhood, but ever since I laid eyes on him for the first time after he arrived, life has been amazing. If I have a bad day, all it takes is thinking about him and how sweet he is to cheer me right up. We could not have found a more perfect horse for us. :)