Friday, July 4, 2008

Second May Be A Success - Seventh is Not!

They finished in a bundle. Seven of the ten starters finished within 2 1/4 lengths of each other. One of the seven had to win and one had to be seventh. Sadly, we were the seventh. It was bitterly disappointing to me. I was expecting more last night. I thought we might be in trouble when they came around the stands the first time. Fizzy was climbing into the bit again. It wasn't as bad as last time, but Dean Butler was having a devil of a time settling Fizzy down again. This time we didn't get shuffled back to last, but a nice 5th - and more toward the rail this trip as well, so maybe the settling thing wasn't going to be as much of a factor as I feared.

Down the back stretch Fizzy led the second flight around the track. The leaders weren't exactly flying and when I saw the :48.1 go up on the tote board I was concerned all over again. Fizzy needs a pace to run at and Classic Trouble on the engine wasn't giving it to him. They finished in a cavalry charge and Fizzy closed the gap from about 6 at the top of the stretch to two at the line but it was to get him no better than 7th.

Now to figure out what it all means. Did he just not fire last night? Did he fire, but it wasn't enough against a tougher group? Should we stop trying to rate him and let him run more early? Is he better off at a mile where he's more liable to get a quicker pace to run into? I'm not sure what theory I subscribe to yet. Maybe it was just an off night? Either tomorrow or Sunday morning I'll drag my butt out of bed and head down to the barns. Somerset Sam may work this weekend, so if we have a heads up on the work I may head down that morning and talk to Bernell a bit and see how our boy is doing. He seemed to come back just fine.

Dean said that he just didn't have it last night. Maybe he just didn't. After all, these aren't machines, but flesh and blood animals that are as subject to off days just as we are. If we can chalk it it up to an off day, then there is hope. If Fizzy can come within 2 lengths of $25,000 horses on an off day, maybe there is hope for the next race.

On the upside last night, I got to meet Jack Holstrom, one of the owners of Parisian Friend and Chris Sour, a principle of Web's Gems Stables, owners of about 16 horses and a very successful partnership group. Jack's got Parisian Friend going in a non-winners of 1 other than allowance race today. He ought to be the favorite and, if all goes well, he and Fizzy will be then in the same class. That ought to be interesting!! Chris' group owns Dawn Raider, the favorite and winner of our race last night. I'll take this spot to congratulate Chris and all the folks over Web's Gems on a heckuva race. I told Chris in the paddock they were the one to beat. I actually put him in my exacta with Fizzy. Dawn took care of his end...

In any event, being able to touch base with both Jack and Chris was great and one of the best reasons to be in this business - the people that you meet. It was great meeting them both and best of luck today, Jack, I'll be watching on this very computer and to you too, Chris, with Secret Lies in the 5th!


Anonymous said...

It was nice to meet you, Ted. Of course it was nice to win race 8, but Web's Gems had a big mood swing in race 10. Our horse crossed the finish line first, but thanks to a DQ, we were knocked down to second. Some of us were already in the Winner's Circle!

Best of luck to you and your horses - Chris

Ted G said...

I saw that. I couldn't believe it at first, but the replay was pretty clear. I'm not sure if it cost the win, though. I felt badly for you all, but mostly for those two kids who were already in the winner's circle!