Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Quick Update

In case you missed the comments a few posts back, here is an update on our friend Ticketsandtomatoes. Again, I'll let Karin fill you all in:

Update on TickTom -- Laurie from Oak Park, Illinois is flying to California later this month and will probably adopt this guy. Laurie lost her beloved "Barnsey" over two years ago at the age of 25and was determined never to own another horse. However, the photo of TickTom so reminded her of Barnsey that after careful consideration of her feelings, the costs of owning a horse and finding a good place for him near her home, she decided she wanted to pursue this adoption. I sent Laurie many more photos and it convinced her that this was the one for her.

As for someone who asked what does it mean to be "qualified" -- it simply means we need to determine if you can take on the responsibility of a horse and have the right intentions. There were many inquiries about TickTom ... some serious and some from people who were looking to turn him around for profit. Our "pre-qualified" clients are those with existing facilities that we have personally inspected and interviewed and are either partners or trusted friends. I will post again after Laurie's visit the end of July to let you know if it was a go or not.


Thanks, Karin, for the update and all your efforts and behalf of TickTom and all his relations. If you all haven't already done so, please click on the link and visit Neigh Savers and check out the good work they do. If you can donate a few bucks, too, that would be great as well.

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