Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Obligatory Belmont Stakes Preview

Usually when I sit down and pound a post out on the keyboard, I'm pretty fired up or am mulling over in my mind exactly how to get across what I'm trying to say. This morning, it's really not that hard.

Big Brown will win the Belmont Stakes and the Triple Crown.

Normally I try and do a race preview and breakdown all the contenders. I tried to break down the field, find the chinks in the armor, go against the prohibitive favorite - all that trite stuff. Couldn't do it. I simply could not find a way for this colt to be beaten. I think Casino Drive is a fine horse. I also think he's easily the second best horse in this field. I think when BB hits the wire, Casino Drive will be about 6 lengths back after teasing the world at the top of the stretch. I just don't see him being beat.

The last time I predicated a Triple Crown was, um, never. I always thought there was a reason the favorite would get beat. Admittedly I was lucky with Real Quiet as down to the wire that was toss up. This year I went out on the limb. I actually went out on that limb the evening of the Derby. Again, the first time I ever said after the Derby that we had a Triple Crown winner. I told my wife that night - "If his feet stay sound, he wins the Triple Crown without a problem. He's that good".

I'm sticking to that five weeks later.


heidicwalton said...

I agree with you on the Belmont. Most of my friends that dont follow horse racing keep asking me for some inside recommendation and I just cant give them any other answer than Big Brown. I really hope that horse stays sound in that race! Also a belated congrats on Fizzy. He is such a great horse!

Jack said...

It's hard not to pick Big Brown but I don't think it'll be as easy as the last 2 races. I'll probably wheel BB with 3-5 others for an exacta or even a trifecta but the risk may be with #2 getting in BB's way.

Anonymous said...

I wish Eight Belles would not suffered such a tragic fate, as I think she would run well against BB in the Preakness and provided a nice rivalry angle. In the Belmont, I think he runs away in the stretch and wins easily. I just can't see any of the other entries beating him.

Anonymous said...

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