Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Yes, I know, this has nothing to do with racing, but I'm Boston born and raised (Peabody, Massachusetts, to be exact) and this is too good to pass up. I distinctly remember 16 and after Len Bias was drafted I was ready for numbers 17 through 22. Sadly, that was not meant to be and it was all downhill from there. There was a brief sniff a few years back in the Eastern Conference Finals, but you knew we were lucky to just be there. This year it was just right.

I know there are folks sick of Boston out there and I'm OK with that. I understand that having the Celtics, Red Sox and Pats on top (well, close in the Pat's case) is unnerving for the rest of the world, but these folks didn't live through the Sidney Wicks years in the Garden, the Patsies of the 70's and the train wrecks that were legendary Sox seasons and failures over the years. Sure, it's an embarrassment of riches right now, but I'm not apologizing.

Once again, my kids think that their teams win all the time. Maybe there are lessons they aren't learning, but there's time to learn them and they will - it's just the way of things. I've waited 42 years for this and I'm thrilled for you guys that at 7 and 12 you're celebrating your 6th World Championship. Enjoy another one, boys. It won't last forever, but it is going to be so wonderful while it does.


Brooklyn Backstretch said...

Congrats, Ted! It's a little hard to feel sorry for someone who had to wait, oh, only twenty-two years in between victories (said from the perspective of a Rangers' fan), but I'm sure that those twenty-two years were agonizing.

And that your kids suffered plenty in the Super Bowl. =)

Ted G said...

Oh my...let's not even TALK about hockey. I believe the B's last title was 1970 and they don't seem to be getting any closer!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Ted!

Next year it's gonna be my GS Warriors winning the finale. It's been too long since I watched Rick Barry and the 1974 team as a 10 yr old. We'll take out Kobe and the Fakers in the West Finals also. :-)

heidicwalton said...

That was beautiful! I just finished watching Fizzy take on some great horses and another 25 feet and he would have won. I love that horse!He did great in that race. It was like watching a Cubs/Rays game!