Thursday, May 22, 2008

There is Always Another Race

We're in on Sunday. Generally speaking, I don't like to see horses come back to the races until they get about 3 weeks to recover. Now, these animals are like us in a way - they're all individuals and they all react differently to situations. Fizzy came back from his race Friday night and cleaned up his tub, had no heat or any other signs of discomfort and was ready to exercise the next day. In other words, he acted like he was just exercising on Friday. Of course his flat performance Friday night kind of bore that out.

Sunday Fizzy will go back out and tackle a field of open $16,000 claimers on the grass going a mile. Fizzy belongs with these. The race appears to be split into two tiers - the inside and the outside. Fiz breaks in the middle and all the threats appear to be on the outside while there appears to be a drop off on his inside. If you throw out the last effort, he belongs here though there are a few who appear to be in better current form.

I'll get into the details of the race later this weekend, but here is what I think we have going for us:

- Fiz has shown ability on the turf;

- Last outing aside, Fiz always tries hard;

- Fiz prefers a mile or more;

- He has experienced the routine and action at Canterbury once and now the second time around he should be more comfortable;

- We'll be underestimated.

It's exciting to have another shot at this. The group is excited. I'm excited. I also think we have better than a puncher's chance in this one.

It's good to have another race.

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heidicwalton said...

Hey Ted, my email is I think Fizzy will do great on the turf. I agree he may have needed a time out to get used to canterbury. He did the same thing in Tampa on his first race. Keep up the great work! Ill stay posted.