Thursday, February 14, 2008

The First Saturday in May

Seventy-eight more days to go. The crowd will sing "My Old Kentucky Home". Hearts will soar. Lumps will develop in throats. Tears may even well up. The Derby is that special. This is what the first Saturday in May means to most racing fans around the country. For those of us in Minnesota, though, it means the gates of Canterbury Park are about to spring open for the first race of our summertime meet! The long, cold winter is over and we have racing again in the North Star State.

What will racing bring Grevelis Racing this summer? Some of that still remains to be seen. We know that Somerset Wish (Gazebo-Somerset Blum) is in Nebraska getting ready with Larry Donlin. She'll be back with, hopefully, her leg issues sorted out. She has heart and a half and if she can stay healthy, she may very well pick up a win or two for us this summer. Her streak of picking up a check in every career start is nice, too! Somerset Sam (Wish's full brother) is training in Kentucky and is actively exercising in Kellyn Gorder's barn at Keeneland. If he's ready and has the talent, he may get his first career start there in the next six weeks. He did have a slight setback when he cut himself in the shedrow, but reports are good that the injury was minor and won't interrupt training. I Am Woman (Blissful Hall-Wild Proposition) is training down in SouthCarolina and, according to her trainer, is doing everything well. This month we will be staking her to the major Pennsylvania Pacing series for two year olds. I have a very good feeling about the impact she's going to make at the track. She has the genes to be an exemplary pacing filly. We'll know more later this year when she starts to qualify.

Our first 100% owned horse is still out there somewhere. After this weekend of racing, I will call Bernell and see what he's been thinking. I've added 3 horses from the $8,000 - $12,500 level to my watch list. One is a very lightly raced 3-year old that could hold some potential in the hands of a more accomplished trainer. We'll compare notes next week and go from there.

After shoveling out from a few inches of snow and the lows tonight expected to be -15, the first Saturday in May cannot come soon enough! At least the promise of the spring will keep us warm!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.

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