Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Shopping Again

We're back shopping again. I spoke with Bernell yesterday and the Canterbury Hall of Famer and I had a candid conversation regarding the type of horse we'd like in our group. He and I exchanged some names of horses we've both been looking at this meet and we found that we're on the same page. Again, we have no real rush to move forward and I do appreciate Bernell stepping in while Ms. Trainer is on leave to take care of her affairs. There are a couple of horses that have been competitive at the $16,000 level at Tampa, but haven't won there as of yet. Our thought is that should one of them drop down to $12,500 or $10,000 to try and snare a win, we may have our horse. One horse has shown some ability on the turf as well as dirt and that would be some nice flexibility to have this summer. Horses at this level have traditionally been able to compete well at Canterbury come summer.

I don't expect that I'll hear anything soon, but the eyes and ears are open. I know that there may be some unraced MN breds that could be very good buys and I am intrigued by that possibility. My concern with this particular group of folks is that should there be an incident and the horse never runs or doesn't come close to it's potential - and we all know that happens - they will be soured on the sport. These folks aren't ready to assume that kind of risk. Another group, perhaps, but this group is looking to have some fun, get out to the races and hopefully take home a picture or two. If they can make some money, more the better. As this is their first experience, I'd like to find a runner that can keep them in the game for a summer or two and bring them some excitement and memories. Though it will not have as high potential, we hope that it will bring less risk to them as well.

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