Sunday, November 11, 2007

G2E Week

Well, it will probably be a sparse week for posting as I head into the week of the Global Gaming Expo in LV. My main gig as Director of Sales for the North Central US for IGT has me pretty much occupied this week with long days on the show floor, parties, dinners and meetings. For the folks that never get to G2E it seems to be the best week in the world. For those of us living it every year, it is one very long week that never seems to end. By Friday I'm roasted and exhausted and pretty much brain dead. While each show brings the promise of montony, this is a very exciting show for IGT and we are looking at one of our most innovative and forward thinking shows ever. After some stagnant time, I think we are poised to really show the industry that we have unquestionably retained our traditional spot on top of the gaming supplier world.
As far as the horses go, I have spoken to the attorney and have an appointment on Monday afternoon (the 19th AFTER the Show, obviously) to finalize most of the new partnership details.

A filly that we had our eye on that we thought was off the market is back on and that creates a bit of a dilemma for our fledgling group. Only half of her is available and that makes it difficult for me to sell 10% shares in her if our group is more than 5. She is a reasonably priced yearling, though, with some serious 2-yeear old potential. I'm going to have some discussions with some folks on how best to be able to adjust this to make it fit with what we're looking at accomplishing. I would like the group to have a couple or runners so that everyone has the chance of watching them run as well as spreading the risk, but if that's not possible, I want to make sure these folks have the best chance at some fun and success.

See you all in a week unless something startling comes up in the meantime. Oh, the public partnership needs a name if anyone has some creative ideas, I'm listening!

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